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The Ministries, which is made of dynamic men of God, has officially appointed John D. Adedeji as its chairman. He is also the presiding Minister of Living Hope Ministries International and the Senior Pastor of Same Like Faith International Christian Fellowship. We have satellite fellowship in many towns and rural areas surrounding Nigeria.  The organization has successfully and is continuing to acquire many members locally and internationally.  Becoming a member is FREE and REWARDING!


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This organization charged with the task of setting the entire World from sins, sickness, poverty, failure and all such vices through Bible teachings and training, schooling men and women to exploits in life and releasing them to their full potentials to benefits their world.The coverage of the nations of the organization is the entire world as its is spelt out in her mandate. The is expected to network the remaining continent of the earth with our missionary activities. That is sending missionaries and materials to other parts of the world in pursue of our set objectives.
We believe that the positive influence would be generated, as it had been in the Africa nations where presently operate.
The ministry seeks opportunities to alleviated the suffering of the masses not only by the Biblical teachings but also by providing relief support and materials as at when needed in a time/manner



There are workforce ahead to set my people free from the hand of the taskmaster through the teaching of the word of HOPE and RESTORATION and I am sending you high, so prepared and be ready for the time is NOW!!!

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